About Us

The South Suburban Police Institute (SSPI) operates the Foxborough Police Academy in a facility owned by the Foxboro Co. The Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC), formerly known as the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, works with us and oversees the daytime, 30-hour in-service training program for regularly appointed police officers of SSPI’s member towns. Additionally, we occasionally sponsor specialized training programs and encourage you to check our site frequently to see what classes we have to offer. Applications for Basic Reserve and Reserve In-Service training can be downloaded elsewhere on this site. We can only reserve a seat in any class when we have an application in hand. Enrollment is limited to students employed or sponsored by a law enforcement agency that has arrest power under Massachusetts General Laws. SSPI administers the reserve program under contract to the MPTC and uses MPTC certified instructors. A copy of the policies and procedures of the MPTC which includes the dress code is provided to each student at Orientation.