40 Hour

In-Service training at SSPI is limited to those member agencies of SSPI. Due to the ongoing budget crisis within MPTC this schedule is subject to modification without notice. For additional information or questions contact our In-Service Training Coordinator retired Chief Dick Hurley. Chief Hurley can be reached at 508-543-0632 or via email at inserv@sspi.net.
In-Service Training for FY12 will be conducted on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Tuesday classes are Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Law.  Wednesday classes are CPR/1st Responder and Defensive Tactics.  Thursday classes are Use of Force and Firearms training.  The shotgun course is now 25 rounds of rifled slugs.  The patrol rifle course is 50 rounds and the handgun qualification course is 50 rounds.  Additionally, students will demonstrate proficiency through several combat courses.  Students should bring 200 rounds of frangible handgun ammunition.  Departments training with the patrol rifle and the shotgun should have a rifle and a shotgun for each student as time does not permit running multiple lines.